Moon Craft

Most modern witches view the Moon as Female, she associates the beautiful silver sphere with a Female Goddess, or a female energy, and most likely influenced by the Notion of;
Maiden, Mother and Crone.
Which is totally understandable because from a Woman’s point of view she Menstruate’s  within a Monthly cycle,  and also if you have ever recorded your emotions on a Monthly basis, you may just find you have similar attributes of the;
Maiden, Mother and Crone.
For example: You feel like partying, being daring, selfish, laughing and sociable, yet a few weeks later your in a dark well, don’t touch me, angry at everything and anyone who dares to talk to you.
You don’t necessarily have to be in sync with the phases of the Moon’s -Maiden, Mother and Crone aspect, but Look into your own feelings on a monthly basis and you might be surprised at the pattern you find

Work that Magic

Most Witches will work their spells or Rituals around the phases of the Moon, starting on the New Moon cycle and allowing it to come to completion when the New Moon shows itself again.
We tend to learn that specific energies of the Moon’s phases fair better when performed with the typical Moon correspondence chart.

  • Such as New Moon: Beginning spell
  • Full Moon: Tweak it
  • Dark Moon: allow to grow.

But from an Egyptian Witchcraft point of view this changes:

Because the Ancient Egyptian’s never saw the Moon as female, and worked with her energy, for a Modern witch trying to incorporating an Egyptian Pagan, or Tameran Wicca path can be rather tricky.
Also modern witches tend to use the Moon’s energy in their magical workings, which the
Ancient Egyptians never did, they was more about Amulets, words having power, Spells for the afterlife and rituals to bring paintings to life.
So as a Modern witch, i’m not to sure how to incorporate the Moons magical workings into a path if you are heading towards Egyptian Paganism or Tameran Wicca.
You could try working with the Ancient Egypt Moon Gods and see how things go, maybe it will be a new way of working with the moon and not waiting for certain phases.
From an Ancient Egyptian Point of view, painting a Moon and hanging up above your Altar, performing say a Ritual of opening the mouth, might just give you the same effect of working with the Moons energy?



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