Ancient way to cure Phobia


The Ancient Egyptians Hieroglyphs where considered very scared, along with the correct words and they had a magical recipe.

Some Magical workings where done via painting an appropriate Hieroglyph on a person or a piece of papyrus..the papyrus could either be worn or soaked in beer or water till it became a mush that could be absorbed. Or you could pour water over the spell and collect the liquid underneath to drink.

This gives me an idea for a spell, I’m going to try this as I’m planning my biggest fear for this month and that’s going to the beach, if I can find the appropriate Hieroglyphs, I’m going to pour water over the spell and drink the collected Heka, and drink before the event.


Circle Casting and Songs

I decided to put into practice the Circle casting with Bast, to see if it needs tweaking in anyway, my thoughts on it etc…link below of said circle.

I read out all that was in the book ‘Circle of Isis’ where she and her coven did a Bast ritual, I did said circle by leaving the relevant cards at each quarter and lighting a tea light candle, was alittle awkward as I need new tea light candles, and because I was sat on the floor, I was conscious of these lights being rather close to me and I’m accident prone, already have wax all down my leg and in my Circle of Isis book 🙂

Apart from that I enjoyed the rite, I asked Bast if she had any messages for me, nothing really came threw, apart from, ‘Be Brave, work through it’

I’ve recently took up Electric Guitar playing so, the Book ‘Circle of Isis’ I love the fact it has songs inside, and I played the two Bast ones, really easy to learn, and I’m finding a cool way to Honour your Goddesses by singing and playing instruments for them.

I will include the Notes and words of song in a later post for anyone interested.

The circle….does need some tweaking too….


I’m going to be working with Nut, for a few weeks.

Now from what I have learned already is she is the Sky Goddess, arched over her brother/lover – Geb the Earth God.

She represents the Night Sky – I believe, but this could be argued.

Although I see her just as Sky, Day or Night.

She swallows the Sun god Ra every evening, and gives birth to him every morning.

She has also been painted on the lids of coffins, I guess as a kind of representation of the dying and rebirth of the sun, and hopefully this process would happen when you die, you get reborn.

At the moment, I include her in my Ground and Center, which can be found on a previous post. Other than that, i’m not really sure how I could work with her.

I do have a star anise on my Altar, as these are associated to Nut, maybe I will just place a Picture of her on my Altar and work with her during visual meditations,

Bast Altar

Bast Altar

I wanted a low level Altar, where I could sit down, and relax, Writing, Reading, doing Tarot and so on. So this is my first Bast Altar.
I went out and brought 2 new crystals to go on my Altar, I’m not really into Crystal’s but I think I brought 2 new good ones, which are Amazonite and Leopardskin.
The Amazonite dispels Anger and Negative energy, and I’ve read it’s a good stone for Animal Magic, and the Leopardskin Jasper, is the ultimate stone for Cats.
A Shaman stone, Spiritual discoverer, enabling you to connect with your totem animal. So will be a good stone to connect with Bast.

Woot to Devotion

Every Morning, I have been saying a kind of Invocation to Bast, since I had no statue I placed a photo of her on the wall above my Altar.

I have a funny feeling that I was paid in full this morning for my devotion, by spotting a Bast statue at car boot sale for £3.


Story was: Went into friends shop last week,  and she was going to order me a Bast statue from Nemesis, which I thought yeh great, it will match my Hecate one, but at £60..ouch we are very tight for money next few months, but she et me have a tenner off, and I could pay via installments, so went ahead with it.

Woke up this morning, Sunday car boot sale, shall we go? We nearly never bothered because of the wind and cold, but I’m so glad we did, I hit the jackpot, someone was obviously into Egyptian things as there was a few books, a sphinx and a couple of tiny Egypt statues, but my first spot was Bast, picked her up straight away, I am not walking away from this, she was meant to be mine 🙂

And to add to the luck, my friend had’nt had time to order the expensive one, so I don’t have to buy it.

I cleaned the statue up she was very dusty and had speckles of Paint on her.

My much loved Bast has a new home.

Bast circle casting

Bast circle casting

I found some Elemental cat pictures online, and placed some stiff leopard card behind to toughen them up, I thought they could be used for the Element Bast circle.

Ground and Centering

• Get comfortable and take deep breaths, imagining that Shu fills your lungs and as you exhale he takes away the stresses and worries of the day.

• When ready, Visualise roots coming from the base of your spine connecting you with the earth God Geb. Imagine brown earth energies entering your body.

• When ready, Visualise a blue airy energy raining down upon you. This is Nut’s blessings.

• ( You can perform your Circle cast, work a spell or simply mediate at this stage)

Circle cast

At the four quarters, place items relevant to the Elements, such as appropiate colours, flowers, incense, crystals and so on, and as you call each quarter for Bast, place down the Item representing her, such as the Elemental Cat cards.

EAST: Lady Bast! Bring to me the light out of darkness, Let the winds blow your inspiration to me.

SOUTH: Daughter of the sun! Bring to me the fire from midnight, Let the flames come out of the darkness.

WEST: Lady Bast, from the dark depths of the sea, to the light-sparkled streams, bring me your love.

North: Lady Bast, let your strength rise from the dark Earth, to bring me knowledge of your true self.

• When ready to end, thank Bast for being present, close down circle how you wish, Imagine the sky energy being absorbed back into the atmosphere, and the roots receding out of the Earth. Thank Nut and Geb for their energys.

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